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Crysi's RP Journal for Ienzo from Kingdom Hearts.

[IC Information]
Character Name: Ienzo
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Species: Human

Appearance: Zexion is a short, slight man with slate blue hair and blue eyes. His regular outfit consists of an ankle-length white labcoat with belled sleeves over a white, collared shirt, grey sweater vest, black pants and black, calf-high boots. He also wears a light purple ascot around his neck.

Personality: Ienzo tends to be cool and analytical. His time in Organization XIII during his teen years and the fall of Radiant Garden taught Ienzo that most people are not to be trusted, and this is a principle he holds to in general. Ienzo keeps people at arms' length, preferring to manipulate people and watch them than to reach out and make friends. The one exception to his wariness of people is his good friend Aeleus, who cared for Ienzo as a child and remained his friend when they were Nobodies. Aeleus has Ienzo's absolute trust, where all others hover at the level of acquaintainces.

Because he lost his heart at a young age, Ienzo's opinions are strongly based on the personalities of his mentors. From Even, he takes a propensity to value hard facts and research; from Aeleus, he takes an attitude of loyalty to one's allies and adherence to one's own code of ethics. From Dilan, he learned to value expediency over the welfare of others. In addition, Ienzo sometimes has trouble recognizing and dealing with his feelings, because he only recently acknowledged that he could feel again. Ienzo will withdraw into dissecting a situation logically if he finds himself overly discomfited or stressed.

At his core, Ienzo holds to the ethics of industriousness and loyalty to one's friends. He carries a great deal of guilt over having betrayed his mentor and father figure, Ansem, and he seeks validation by concentrating his effort on supporting the group to which he belongs. Because of his own work ethic, Ienzo's biggest pet peeve is laziness.

Abilities: Ienzo's abilities are entirely magic-focused; he has virtually zero combat ability outside of his magic. Outside of combat, Ienzo can create illusions of people or places, as well as illusions that make one person appear to be someone else. In combat, Ienzo has the general mage set of elemental spells, up through Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Aeroga, and Curaga.

Items: Ienzo has a book of children's stories with him. He was reading it when he fell asleep.

History: Ienzo grew up in a beautiful land called Radiant Garden. When he was a young child, his parents died, and the ruler of Radiant Garden, Ansem the Wise, took him in. In Ansem's care, he would meet the other, adult apprentices, Braig, Dilan, Even, and Aeleus. Ienzo was, despite his young age, taken in as a prospective scientist apprentice, under the watchful eye of Even. Ansem often saw to Ienzo's welfare himself, acting as a new father for the boy.

One day, a man named Xehanort was found by Ansem and the guards in Radiant Garden. Ienzo was intrigued by this new stranger, taking a surprising amount of interest in him, despite his generally quiet and reserved nature. Concerned with the thought that the darkness in people's hearts might hurt them, Ansem and his apprentices started to delve into the mysteries of the heart. Ienzo was instrumental in pushing the research further, personally convincing Ansem to construct a laboratory deep underneath the town for the explicit purpose of experimenting.

Eventually Ansem realized that he was searching for information that no one should know, and called a halt to the experiment, but the apprentices continued in secret. Some time after this, Xehanort removed the hearts of the other apprentices, an event that was in all likelihood not anticipated or willing on their parts. Xehanort took great pains to convince the apprentices that they had lost their hearts completely, driving them to abandon their loyalties and morality in his effort to create copies of himself. Though Ienzo was considered unsuccessful in that he did not become a clone of Xehanort, Xehanort still sought to exercise his control over the "failed" experiments and hid from all the apprentices the fact that they could regrow hearts over time or regain their hearts once their Nobody and Heartless forms died. Thoroghly convinced of their damnation, Ienzo would join with the other apprentices to cast his former father figure and mentor into darkness, condemning him to oblivion and possibly death. At this point, Ienzo was nearly ten years old.

The Nobody of Ienzo took the name Zexion. He maintained his calm reserve and focused wholly on his loyalty to the goals of the Organization as he believed them to be - regaining the lost hearts of the Organization members. He sought to maintain his identity by focusing on the part he played in the group; by being a contributing and functioning member of the Organization, Zexion gave his life and existence value. He had a personal distaste for those who shirked as well as those who actively betrayed the Organization. During this time, he also became intensely close to Lexaeus, Aeleus's Nobody. It's likely that Lexaeus was a source of comfort and stability for Zexion, particularly since Zexion had lost his heart at such a young age. The willingness to trust and rely on Lexaeus would help rekindle something of a heart in Zexion, though he didn't realize it at the time.

Zexion willingly did whatever he was asked to do in order to aid the Organization, whether it be merely observing worlds or infesting them with heartless. He felt the group's needs, to regain their hearts, and to hold on to each other, were more important than individual concerns, but grew more and more disenchanted with the other members as he realized that they didn't share his dedication, save for Lexaeus. In the end, Zexion was sent to Castle Oblivion with half of the members of the Organization and, unbeknownst to Zexion, Axel was sent by Saix to make sure that Zexion, among other people, didn't make it back.

In Castle Oblivion, Zexion, Lexaeus, and Vexen found themselves working against Marluxia and Larxene, who were in the process of betraying the Organization. They were uncertain as to Axel's motivations, which seemed bizarre and random, and set him aside as a lesser problem. Zexion and the others decided to wait and watch, and eventually came to the conclusion that if Marluxia was going to gain control of the keyblade user, Sora, they had to obtain the help of Riku, Sora's best friend. Things rapidly took a downturn as Axel killed Vexen, and soon after Lexaeus was killed in an attempt to either bring Riku's darkness out or kill him.

Zexion, left alone, took it upon himself to face Riku. Using an illusion of Sora, Zexion nearly succeeded in killing Riku, only to be thwarted by Namine's interference. Zexion then fought Riku directly, only to lose and run off, greviously injured. Zexion soon encountered Axel, only to discover that Axel had persuaded the replica that Vexen had made of Riku that killing Zexion would help him gain his own identity. Too wounded to get away, Zexion ended up being choked to death and drained of his essence by the Riku replica.

Zexion then found himself surprised to awake as a human once again, in what remained of Radiant Garden. He came back to consciousness surrounded by his old friends, save for Braig. With Aeleus, Ienzo started examining what was left of their old home and trying to find answers about what had happened to them. Ienzo watched Lea leave for points unknown, hoping that Lea would find Braig and Isa, who remained missing.
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